Designing Shop:
CNC Shop:
Machining Shop:
Metal Cutting Shop:
Press Shop:
Welding Shop:

Surface Treatment:
Paint Shop:

3D CAD/CAM modeling (Individual parts & assemblies)
CNC Milling & Wire cut (Bed size up to 1100x650mm)
Conventional Machines (Milling, Shaping, Turning, Drilling etc)
Shearing Machines & Gas Cutting
Hydraulic & Power Presses (Capacity of 100~600 Tons)
Spot Welding (Capacity of 25~150 KVA)
CO2 Welding (Capacity of 200~500 Amps)
Galvanizing, Electroplating, Phosphating etc.
Powder Coating & Stowing Paint

Designed & Developed : Visionplus